Medical emergency assistance that goes beyond health and travel insurance.

Imagine you’re on the road … hours from home. Suddenly, an accident leaves you in an emergency room. Far from your own doctor. Relying on medical care from people you’ve never met before.

Here at ROA, we’ve analyzed these medical emergencies. And we discovered an alarming fact: Even a simple problem that might be “routine” at home can quickly blow up into a major emergency in a distant town or foreign country.

That’s why ROA set up Emergency Assistance Plus (EA+). It stands as a critical safety net against emergency expenses your health insurance usually will NOT cover.

It helps you handle almost any crisis while you’re away from home (whether you’re on a family trip just a few hours away … traveling on business … or even out of the country.)

That means EA+ helps make sure you’re getting the medical care you need. That you’re getting it QUICKLY. And gets you home to recuperate after hospitalization, if necessary – all at NO COST TO YOU*.

BEST OF ALL: YOU CANNOT BE TURNED DOWN FOR EA+. This is an exclusive ROA program. So we negotiated guaranteed acceptance privileges for ALL ROA Members and their families.

* This is only an outline of the plan’s features. Please read your Plan Description carefully to understand the services available to you, as well as any terms, conditions and limitations.

You Don’t Risk A Penny Today—EA+ Iron-Clad 100% Money-Back Guarantee
ROA wants you to be absolutely sure EA+ is the right safety net for you. That’s why there’s NO RISK with the EA+ 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

As soon as you lock in ROA EA+, you’ll be mailed an official Plan Description. Look it over for a full 30 days.

If it’s not what you had in mind, just mail back your Description and you’ll promptly receive a complete refund.

That means you won’t be out even one penny if EA+ doesn’t work for you.